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Patio Wise Foldable Chicken Pen and Rabbit Pen, Single Level - PWCR-005F
Foldable Chicken Pen allows for easy storage
Price: $129.99 Save: $27.00
Availability: On Order

Patio Wise Rabbit/Chicken Pen, Stand Alone or Fits on Patio Wise Modular Coops - PWCR-002
An ideal Rabbit/Chicken Pen standalone or add-on!
Price: $119.99 Save: $25.00
Availability: In Stock

The Patio Wise Outdoor Farming Collection is sprawling with a variety of Chicken Coops and other complementary farming products such as an automatic chicken feeder and a standalone rabbit/chicken pen. The Patio Wise Modular Chicken Coop, Includes Roost & Mesh-Enclosed Outdoor Run is featured as the focal point of Patio Wise's collection of expandable chicken coops. Meticulously constructed from hand, Patio Wise Modular Chicken Coops are comprised of a durable fir wood that's capable of providing lasting shelter from the various elements. This selection of chicken roosts includes a uniquely styled roof that will offer an abundance of shade and shelter for up to 4 chickens. The inclusion of a galvanized mesh-enclosure will provide chickens a secure space to forage and exercise. Convenience is bolstered to an even further extent with the inclusion of a dual-stall nesting box that will allow for a quick and accessible means of collecting eggs. Patio Wise Modular Chicken Coops are available in a series of Wild West themes that will add plenty of character to any outdoor farming area. The Patio Wise Wild West Bank Theme Modular Chicken Coop Set and Patio Wise Wild West Hotel Theme Modular Chicken Coop Set include all of the features of the aforementioned chicken coop, but offer a touch of the Wild West that's certain to leave a lasting impression. The entire catalogue of chicken coops featured in the Patio Wise catalogue can also be linked together. This allows for an additional level of customization that will afford owners the luxury of selecting the appropriate amount of space needed to house their chickens.

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