The Official Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture & Farming Store:

Featuring an expanded collection of versatile and style imbued Outdoor Furniture, the Patio Wise Store represents a definitive online destination for acquiring any number of easily maneuvered options. Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture showcases a design that’s centered upon the basic foundation of foldable, portable and affordable attributes. Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture includes: multipurpose stands, portable chairs and even a folding bench. The Patio Wise Online Store has also included a selection of Potting & Gardening products that include: potting tables and a folding decorative stand. A premier addition for any number of indoor or outdoor activities, the Potting & Gardening selection can service as a workspace for pots, plants, tools and storage use. Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture and Potting/Gardening Products were also designed to maximize space. The Patio Wise brand understands the importance of getting the absolute most from any surrounding area of space. That’s precisely why the entire Patio Wise Furniture and Potting Gardening selection includes easily maneuverable properties right out of the box.

The Patio Wise Store has also included an extremely versatile collection of Outdoor Farming equipment that includes: chicken coops, a chicken/rabbit pen and chicken feeder. Patio Wise Modular Chicken Coops are comprised of a durable fir wood that’s capable of providing lasting shelter from the various elements. Patio Wise Modular Chicken Coops are available in a diverse series that include designs that incorporate themes from the Wild West. All available chicken coops featured in the Patio Wise Store carry the additional bonus of being able to be linked together. This will afford owners the added luxury of being able to mix and match their favorite chicken coops. Regardless of where your outdoor activities take you, you'll find no shortage of practical, stylish and affordable solutions at the online Patio Store.

What Patio Wise Has To Offer:

The Patio Wise Store offers a myriad of practical and stylish additions for nearly any outdoor setting. Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture incorporates foldable, portable and affordable properties in creating pieces that can be utilized in a widened range of outdoor spaces. The overall quality and meticulous attention to the smallest detail in the Outdoor Furniture selection can best be observed in the Patio Wise Acacia Outdoor Collection. The Patio Wise Store also offers a number of beneficial additions in the world of Potting & Gardening. The Patio Wise Decorative Stand and Potting Tables increase versatility in the garden tenfold. Patio Wise Outdoor Furniture and Potting/Gardening products all include foldable properties and can easily be transferred from one area to the next for immediate use. Patio Wise Store Outdoor Farming Chicken Coops round out the Patio Store’s selection of immediately accessible and highly versatile units. Chicken Coops designed by the Patio Store are available in a series of colorful patterns that will allow owners to add a little Wild Western flavor to the backyard area. Patio Wise Chicken Coops can also be interconnected for personal customization. Complementary chicken coop accessories such as a chicken feeder and attachable chicken/rabbit pen provide all of the necessities required to create personalized living areas for chickens.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

The Patio Wise Store has prioritized customer satisfaction and assures the very best shopping experience. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals that are readily available during business hours (9am-5pm Central Time) to answer any inquiry. Our shipping policies have also been implemented to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Most orders will ship the same or next business day from when your order is placed. If you need more information or have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Section.

Why Choose Patio Wise

Fast shipping and a friendly cusotmer service staff ready to assist you with your purchase.

Portable by Design

Easy to setup and move, Patio Wise outdoor furniture folds up for storage during the harsh winter months.

Weather Resistant

Perfect for any outdoor climate, Patio Wise products are built to last and handcrafted from durable real wood.

No Assembly Required

Patio Wise products are built with convenience in mind, the only tool you will need is a simple screwdriver.

No Space - No Problem

Designed to be space efficient, Patio Wise chicken coops are expandable and can fit a variety of backyard layouts.

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